Parent Resources

Weisman Children´s Rehabilitation Hospital provides family centered care. Families are encouraged to participate in the care of their child and we permit one parent to stay overnight with each child. No one knows your son or daughter better than you and we value your input. WCRH will support your family each step of the way as you work toward recovery and return to home.

Parents have 24 hour access; all others must be healthy and may visit with the permission of the patient/parents between the hours of 8am and 8pm.
Yes, one parent is permitted to stay overnight.
There are both types of rooms at Weisman.
Yes, parking is available and there is no fee. There is also public transportation pick up/drop off in the parking lot as well.
Every patient is unique, so the length of stay will vary. Some admissions are very short (days/weeks) and because of the nature of the diagnosis, other admissions may last more than a month or two. We will give you an estimate once the evaluations are completed after admission.
In accordance with federal requirements, we provide information on our standard list of hospital charges. They’re contained in a large report called a chargemaster. A charge description master (CDM) or “chargemaster” is a list of a hospital’s charges for the items and services it provides. Currently there are no industry standards for chargemasters, so you can’t use chargemasters from different hospitals to compare them.

Charges are not the same as prices. The chargemaster reflects prices before rates are negotiated with insurance companies. They do not indicate what insurances pay or your out-of-pocket costs. The amounts do not reflect your final cost or what you will be asked to pay.

Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital is committed to the quality, safety and value of the care that we provide. We recognize that understanding hospital charges can be confusing for many families. Our admission and patient in-take teams work to bring the most up-to-date benefit information to families.

If you need additional information, our patient services department is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 856-489-4520 ext 249 or