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We become your extended family, working together to treat the whole child and to bring the confidence and security that is so essential to successful rehabilitation. Our pediatric specialists, together with your family, provide a sense of community; a wonderful mosaic resulting in a special experience of pediatric care. Weisman Children´s offers a unique culture of optimism. We believe that anything is possible, and we do whatever it takes to help children and their families become the best they can be.

Yovani | Brain Injury

Sixteen year-old Yovani came to us after a house fire left him with a brain injury from severe smoke inhalation. He could not walk, talk, eat or respond to anything. Yet, after two months, his progress was significant. He still needs therapy on an outpatient basis but can do much of what he did before the accident. “When something like this happens in your life,” noted his mother Rosa, “you think there is no hope.” But immediately, from the nurse liaison who first met me to the social worker, doctors and nurses here, I felt comfortable and relieved at Weisman.” Everything was going to be all right. Yovani, in a most articulate voice, adds words of advice. “Stay optimistic and work hard. You’ll be okay.”

Nay'Anni | Premature Birth with Complications

Nay’Anni spent her first 6 months of life in a neonatal intensive care unit with numerous medical complications. When she arrived at Weisman Children’s, she was timid and resistant to new experiences. Yet, in a few short months, with Weisman’s personalized plan of care, she began to thrive and exceed expectations. Currently, she rolls easily on her mat, laughs at herself in a mirror, waves hello, responds to her name, and reaches her arms out to be picked up. There are plenty of nurses, therapists, aides and staff happy to accommodate a hug or two for Nay'Anni. She loves listening to music during circle time and has a smile for everyone. Like Nay'Anni, every Weisman child receives the care and attention he or she deserves.

Kyle | Concussion

Following his concussion during a soccer game, Kyle had difficulty returning to school and coping with being benched from the sport he loved. He was referred to us and made steady progress. As his recovery continued, a valuable component of care was Weisman's Post-Concussion Support Group. Kyle talked with the other kids who knew exactly what he was going through and felt connected. His parents were also able to share feelings with getting valuable feedback from other families with similar circumstances. Kyle is now back in school and enjoy sports again. He also gives back, reaching out to others who have sustained concussions to let them know that they too, can recover.

Zoe | Brain Injury

When Zoe was involved in a car accident, it was unlikely she'd live, let alone ever make it back to school. She was on life support with a traumatic brain injury and paralyzed with little hope for recovery. But then a miracle happened. She squeezed her mother's hand. Within a month, she was able to come to Weisman Children's Rehab Hospital. She made remarkable progress and is now a spunky third grader. She comes to Weisman Children's Outpatient Center two times a week. "Weisman feels like home to us," says Zoe's mom, Nancy. "Watching her progress has been so amazing." Zoe's favorite song is Michael Jackson's You Are Not Alone. "That pretty much sums up our Weisman experience-someone is always here who cares."