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Inpatient Care

Weisman Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital provides 24-hour medical and nursing management, therapy and care by a range of pediatric clinicians and therapists under the direction of a board certified physiatrist. Our goal is to successfully transition our patients back to the community as quickly and safely as possible.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Weisman Children´s Rehabilitation Hospital offers comprehensive rehabilitation to children/teens who are in need of physical, occupational, speech, or feeding therapy services.

Pulmonary Program

The goal of our Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program is to improve respiratory function and quality of life for children with breathing disorders.

Infant Feeding Program

As the only pediatric rehabilitation hospital in South Jersey, Weisman Children´s offers innovative approaches to address the complex problem of infant feeding disorders.

Pediatric Pain Program

Our Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation program empowers patients and their families to overcome physical limitations and return to a typical daily routine. Our primary goal is move your child from debilitating pain to full participation in school, leisure activities and sports.

Brain Injury

After a brain injury it is important to choose an appropriate inpatient rehabilitation program which addresses physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral changes of children.

Neonatal Abstinence Program

Weisman Children´s Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) program serves infants who are withdrawing from opiate exposure.

Diabetes Management

Weisman Children´s Diabetes Management Program is an inpatient program that gives children and young adults with diabetes a sense of control and relief as they learn how to manage their illness with a team of highly qualified specialists.

Asthma Management

Our Asthma Management program aims to improve the quality of life for children and teens with uncontrolled asthma.