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Diabetes Management

Weisman Children´s Diabetes Management Program is an inpatient program that gives children and young adults with diabetes a sense of control and relief as they learn how to manage their illness with a team of highly qualified specialists. Families are never alone in their quest to manage and overcome setbacks associated with diabetes.

Children and their families receive pertinent education related to diabetes self-management. Training is age-appropriate and covers vital information and skills required for an individual to self-manage the disease. For children too young to self manage their diabetes, training is focused on developing an age appropriate awareness of their condition and educating parent/caregivers about diabetes management until the child is old enough to participate or assume independent care.

Diabetes Management Team and Program

  • Our diabetes management team works with families to develop individualized treatment plans and education programs.
  • Over a 2-4 week stay, physicians, nurses and registered dietitians provide children with medical management in conjunction with outside health providers, as needed.
  • Physical, occupational and recreation therapists, child life specialists, social workers, and case managers address each patient and family's multiple complex needs to ensure ongoing successful diabetes management.
  • Our team also coordinates care with community providers, such as primary care physicians, endocrinologists, nurses, behavioral services, insurance case managers and community support groups.