Concussion Management

Our “3T”™ approach to concussion management uses the skills of physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Our physical therapists help your child return to full physical activities following the “Return to Learn”-”Return to Play” protocols, whether it be for sports or leisure play activities. Activities focus on vestibular/balance, endurance and strength.

Our occupational therapists focus on the vestibular/balance and visual disturbances that can occur with concussion. They assess how these issues are interfering with completing everyday tasks and develop strategies to overcome them.

Our speech therapists intervene when your child is having issues with focusing, memory/word finding, or may be struggling with school work that was not previously an issue. They help your child organize school work and daily routines to return to previous levels.

This approach provides a complete range of care.

Concussion Services Include

  • Cognitive/Linguistic Therapy
  • Functional Vision Skills
  • Headache Management
  • Physical Exertion Training
  • Return to Learn
  • Return to Play
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation