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Current Medical Daycare Services

On March 20, 2020, the New Jersey Department of Health required us to close our Medical Day Care Centers in Pennsauken, Vineland and at Voorhees Pediatric Facility in order to protect our staff and our children from the spread of COVID-19.

In order to maintain the care of our patients and families, we adapted our services to keep our children enrolled and engaged in our program, maintain proper nutrition and keep them on target with their developmental goals. Unfortunately, we do not know when we will be allowed to re-open however, when we do, we want to make sure our children are happy, healthy and ready to pick up right where we left off!

Our families receive a care package containing five days of meals delivered via Tricare Medical Transport. Nursing staff accompany the deliveries to assist our families with any nursing concerns or assist with medication refills, help schedule appointments, etc. Child Life services provides activities to keep our children active and learning each week in the packages as well.

The deliveries occur curbside however; we require our families to come out to meet the medical transport van when it arrives so we can maintain face-to-face contact. Whenever possible, we ask our families to bring their children out to pick up their care packages, allowing our children to maintain contact with our staff to ensure our children don't forget us and ease the transition when they return to our care.

Our therapy team put together telehealth services for the children receiving physical, occupational and speech services while attending Medical Day Care. Social work continues to be available on a daily basis to provide any additional support or resources as needed in these difficult times.

We want to assure you we will continue to support our families any way we can.