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Asthma Managaement

Weisman Children’s Asthma Management program aims to improve the quality of life for children and teens struggling with uncontrolled asthma. We understand it can be overwhelming. Our in-patient team works with you and your child to learn how to successfully address their condition. The goal is to keep your child out of the emergency department, improve their school attendance and get them back to doing the things they enjoy most.

We teach you and your child how to reduce asthma attacks. Our certified asthma specialist provides a comprehensive medical evaluation including a lung function test. We identify what triggers your child’s asthma attacks and create an individualized asthma action plan. We then further support your learning by using Bluetooth medication tracking to help you successfully manage your child’s medication use after discharge.


Our Program Includes:

  • Asthma Management team consisting of doctors (including pulmonologists), respiratory therapists, nurses, physical, occupational, speech, and recreational therapists, social workers and case managers
  • Allergy testing
  • Assessment of asthma triggers in daily environments
  • Training with Bluetooth technology and apps to support successful medication use
  • Weekly team meetings with you to discuss progress and discharge planning
  • Community re-entry activities tailored to your child
  • Support with arranging follow-up appointments
  • Spacious, comfortable rooms and the opportunity for you or another caregiver to stay overnight
  • Transportation provided for training as needed